/Mark Chmura on A.J. Green: Id have injury issues, too playing for Bengals

Mark Chmura on A.J. Green: Id have injury issues, too playing for Bengals

If you’re wondering why there’s increasing A.J.-Green-to-the-Packers talk, it’s likely in part due to ESPN Milwaukee radio co-hosts Mark Chmura and Gabe Neitzel lobbying for Green Bay to acquire the Cincinnati Bengals’ star receiver.

And Chmura suggested during the discussion of Green’s health that he’d also have injury issues if he were playing for the Bengals.

Chmura: I want (the Packers) to trade for A.J. Green. … And I’ll tell you why … I think we need one more difference-maker on this offense. A.J. Green clearly wants out of Cincinnati. I think (Mike) Brown there is tighter than two coats of paint, meaning he is cheap. And he’s willing to deal him because he does not want to pay him next year. 

Neitzel: I mean I would be on board for that. That seems to be the type of risk if you can get him for a mid-round pick, which I think you should be able to – that’s the type of risk I’m cool with. Like, I don’t know if his health is going to hold up but …

Chmura: No, I think his ankles, I think he’s fine. He’s just … 

Neitzel: Well, sure, but he’s had injury issues the last couple years. So I don’t know if his body’s falling apart.

Chmura: He plays for Cincinnati. 

Neitzel: I don’t know if his body’s falling apart is the issue, Chew.

Chmura: If I played for Cincinnati, I’d have injury issues, too. Because I wouldn’t want to play there. Because they’re terrible. It’s terrible ownership. And he wants out of there. If you can get him – I would even say for a third-round pick? You know? I think there’s still a lot of value. I mean, he’s pretty good, Gabe. When he’s good, he’s good.