/PICS | Spider-Man does incredible handstand on Table Mountain cable car

PICS | Spider-Man does incredible handstand on Table Mountain cable car

Dressed in a Spider-Man T-shirt, Cape Town media executive Jeff Ayliffe realised a lifelong dream when he did a handstand on top of one of the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway cars on Thursday morning. 

“Right at this moment, I’m still trying to absorb this experience. Undoubtedly my most difficult handstand to date, despite a tether, a fall forward was not an option,” says Ayliffe on his Facebook page.

“The job of shutting out absolutely everything, and finding a place of total calm, was so rewarding, and to a degree, a life spent dancing with these situations gave me the tools to have made this one special.”

This was handstand number 332 for Ayliffe, who has started a diary called #handstand365, where he does a handstand every day of the year in various locations.

‘Super stoked’

“I looked the number up. It’s an angelic number, that sends positivity, and makes you happy… a number that tells you everything is in order in your life, and that so far, you have done everything right…”

Ayliffe has done handstands on the walls of the Castle of Good Hope, on top of Moses Mabhida Stadium, as well as on water features, a cannon, a food truck, a tractor – pretty much wherever he happens to find himself at any given time. 

The handstand was performed around 06:30, on a narrow beam of the cable car, halfway between the ground station and the mountaintop. 

According to Ayliffe, weather conditions were perfect for the handstand.

“I’m super stoked that I finally bagged the cable car. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

Ayliffe was accompanied by Ruan du Preez, who works on the cable car’s mechanical components, and photographer Jacques Marais.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway congratulated Aycliffe on his feat. “An extraordinary handstand on the top of the cable car by Jeff Ayliffe during the #365handstandproject – we reckon this must of been the hardest of them all! Incredible and well done!”



Jeff Ayliffe (F) and Ruan du Preez on top of the Table Mountain cable car. (Jeff Ayliffe) 



Jeff Ayliffe doing a handstand on a cable car at Table Mountain. (Photos: Jacques Marais – used with permission)